Messengers of Grace: A Hummingbird’s Song

The moment I stepped out the door, the familiar twittering in the tree caught my attention and I smiled. For a couple weeks now, when I emerge from the house to greet the morning, I am met by the song of a lone hummingbird. The miniature fellow, who comes throughout the day to the red


Becoming Visible: The Risk to Grow

The long green leaf of the orchid in the kitchen window has unfurled like a dark, shiny tongue, a precursor, I hope, to a new spike of dazzling purple blossoms. I stood at the sink admiring it, my hands in warm soapy water as I washed the dishes after supper, while appreciating too the newly


The Heart of Words: On Becoming a Writer

I’ve been out walking the dogs to clear my head, stretch my legs, revitalize my core energy, and find a bit of inspiration. After two days of storms here on Maui, it’s a sunny day on the mountain. The wind still rockets about the mountainside with unrestrained glee but the clouds and rain have dispersed.