Washing the Dishes, Tending the Earth

I’m washing dishes in a white plastic tub in the kitchen sink. I am not a big fan of plastic. Never mind that it lingers around to junk up the planet forever, the aesthete in me simply finds it cheap and unappealing. I prefer things that are handmade, elemental, and have some semblance of character


Grace of the Table, Part 2: Fresh and Sustainable

I keep returning to the kitchen table. As a French-trained cook that’s not much of a surprise, I realize. Almost every night of the week, I’m chopping up fresh ingredients for dinner, content in the process of assembling something delicious and nourishing to eat. And nearly every evening, my beloved and I sit down together


Place, Soul, and Wendell Berry: Being in Conscious Relationship

I find myself musing repeatedly on a sense of place these days. Perhaps ‘musing’ isn’t the optimal word; maybe it’s something more like ’steeping’ which implies a full-bodied, brewed, somatic sense of what I’m feeling. Or ’soaking,’ which also feels closer to the mark; a saturation of the bodysoul while absorbing the uniqueness of the