Becoming Visible: The Risk to Grow

The long green leaf of the orchid in the kitchen window has unfurled like a dark, shiny tongue, a precursor, I hope, to a new spike of dazzling purple blossoms. I stood at the sink admiring it, my hands in warm soapy water as I washed the dishes after supper, while appreciating too the newly


Inhabiting Our Vulnerability

I’ve been living mostly ‘unplugged’ these days and I love it, even if my Inbox for email is turning into a virtual mountain. If you’ve followed this journal for a while, you know that I have a tenuous relationship with social media; embracing it reluctantly as part of building an author’s platform and for its unparalleled merits for

man at sunset

Kneel and Kiss the Earth: One Man’s Prayer

The sea is rumbling and agitated. Even a half mile away in a quiet neighborhood dense with evergreen trees, I hear its low voice, timeless and primordial, louder than normal. I have been feeling restless, myself, and burdened by carrying a basket of grumbles that I wish I could lay aside. What I need is to sit