Where The Worlds Touch: A Larger Story

(This piece was written months ago but never posted. I guess I shared something else that week that seemed more relevant at the time. Friday night, however, this called to me to be offered forward. So be it.) Like the windy night outside, my dreams have been turbulent and unsettling, a murky river swirling as it tumbles down the


Threshold Dwellers: Living at the Edge

Sometimes I find it odd that I reside on a foggy coastline, given that in my bones I think of myself as an arid, Mediterranean creature. In my ongoing yearning and search for a place to put down roots, I often find myself musing on the high desert plateau of New Mexico, a sagebrush-strewn mesa where I


Living at the Threshold between Worlds

Evening has arrived early, padding stealthily down the mountain on soft cat’s paws. Though it is only afternoon, daylight fades beneath pale ribbons of cloud that wrap around this little cottage and weave beguilingly through the surrounding green lattice of leafy trees. Looking out through broad windows and sliding glass doors, my verdant world is