Kneel and Kiss the Earth: One Man’s Prayer

man at sunset

The sea is rumbling and agitated. Even a half mile away in a quiet neighborhood dense with evergreen trees, I hear its low voice, timeless and primordial, louder than normal. I have been feeling restless, myself, and burdened by carrying a basket of grumbles that I wish I could lay aside. What I need is to sit…

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Return: Leaving My Shoes Along the Trail, Part 3

[Note: this is the third part in a series; for Part 1 click here, and Part 2 click here.] It never fails. Even after a relatively short immersion in the wild, I am transformed. When I started up the dusty path from the trailhead, I felt constricted in a calcified shell of containment; irascible, burdened, and somewhat prickly (think: porcupine).…

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