Writing the Soul: An Ongoing Journey

It’s a fine feeling to finish writing a book.  There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment, of having succeeded at a daunting task like climbing a mountain. On the body level, one feels an openness of the heart, belly and breath, and if we have dared to tell the truth, there’s a resonance in the bones


Pulling Weeds, Seeking Health

There is a timeless metaphor in tending a garden and pulling weeds. I have spent several hours in the past weeks in the rear yard/garden of this small cottage, barefoot, tugging up handfuls of new grass and tartly tasting clover. With the abundance of recent rain, this stretch of central California coastline shimmers lush and green, and half


Embracing Darkness, Tending the Soul

I’m standing outdoors in the dark. Darkness, in our manmade world of near-constant electrical illumination, is relative. Still, it is night time and I am outside my house in a realm of shadows, standing quietly with bare feet in the grass, gazing up at a handful of glittering diamonds flung across a wide stretch of