Singing the Pagan Moon: All Hallow’s Eve

Continuing with the season of reflection and looking back to older posts these past weeks, and in honor of the pagan sabbat of Samhain (Halloween), something from my England archives (2010): All Hallows Eve. It feels as if the entire day has been lifted from a spooky, storybook tale with ghostly trees draped in mist


Keeping the Boat Upright: Little Rituals of Grace

My musing started with toast and jam. An Asian-style, handle-less cup of green tea sat beside me and a golden beeswax candle flickered within reach, while outside the morning sky shimmered with misty blues, but the scent and crackle of toast shifted my thoughts. Specifically, it was homemade spelt and emmer (einkorn) bread that I crisped under


Restitching the Threads of Soul: Coming Home

I’ve been traveling too much lately, feeling unsettled. As we in the northern hemisphere draw near to the vernal equinox, when day and night are in equal measure and we commonly acknowledge that spring begins, it feels that my year has thus far been largely about movement and change. I have recently joked to a