Fresh Croissants and Plum Blossoms

I pocket the car key, don my wide-brimmed hat and rain jacket, and then slip out of the house on an early morning mission. It is unusual that I drive anywhere before noon, even rarer to find me behind the wheel by 8 am, but this final day of a family member’s visit, on a soggy grey


Soul Projects: Finding our Larger Work

Sometimes life takes the long way around. Better late than never, I guess. A couple of weeks ago I had intended to write a post on ‘soul projects’ but then circumstances propelled me in a different direction and other ideas wandered through my head, clamoring for attention. Last week, after numerous delays (projects often move


Of Weeds and Gardens

Pulling weeds. Hauling browned palm fronds. Trimming branches. Sweeping loose gravel. Sweating in the tropical humidity while perspiration drips down my brow. That’s my morning today, attempting to make an improvement on the street appearance of our newly rented dwelling in Hawaii Kai. From the state of overgrown disarray, it is obvious that the previous