Opening to Dreams, Inviting the Soul

I lay in the darkness, combing through the images of a dream from which I have just awakened, the swirl of emotions inside as if I were walking through my daylight hours. Intense. Real.  Reluctantly, I rise from the warmth of our canopied bed, pull on some loose but cozy clothes, and make my way


A Heart Open to the World: Finding Beauty

The autumn morning shimmers bright and blue, warm enough that I don’t need the light jacket or linen scarf that I set out with. Seated on an old wooden bench, its contours and surface worn grey from years of exposure to the coastal elements, I am a creature contentedly bathing in sunlight and an ocean


Candles, Tea and Friendship: A Parcel from England

Exiting the Post Office into a bright August afternoon on the California coast, I carried three packages in my hands. One was a book I had ordered, the second was an ‘earthing’ pad for working at my computer, and the third was a brown paper-wrapped parcel from England. The handwriting on the label I instantly