Shadows and Healing

Outside my window, the branches of a coconut palm sway in a warm, coastal breeze like graceful, serrated green fans.  For the past two weeks I have been in Honolulu, helping my mate prepare for the 36th annual Hawaii International Film Festival, in his role as Executive Director. Here in the islands, as I sit


Speaking of Shadows

Insight arrives in curious ways sometimes. Recently, during one of my very limited online windows of computer and social media time, I responded to a ‘friend request’ on Facebook, a friend of a fellow writer//journalist/poet that I follow and respect. The woman who reached out to me is a powerful, evocative writer herself, a fiercely


The Problem with Happiness

It was a magazine that drew my gaze. On the media stand near the checkout aisle of my local Whole Foods Market, a new periodical titled Live Happy sat perched. An ordinary looking woman smiled on the cover, her posed grin striking me as rather flat and plastic, her eyes somewhat less than animated. “Begin