Tasting the Holidays: Simple Gifts of Goodness

Orange mandarins with their leaves attached always remind me of Christmas. I recall them bulking up my holiday stocking on Christmas morning when I would find it propped on a chair, filled with little wrapped presents and chocolate. I would set the fruits in a pile on the floor next to my haul of gifts,

man at sunset

Kneel and Kiss the Earth: One Man’s Prayer

The sea is rumbling and agitated. Even a half mile away in a quiet neighborhood dense with evergreen trees, I hear its low voice, timeless and primordial, louder than normal. I have been feeling restless, myself, and burdened by carrying a basket of grumbles that I wish I could lay aside. What I need is to sit


To Live in a Sacred Manner

To live in a sacred manner… These are the words that hummed in my core this morning as I sat with my cup of fragrant tea by the window, reading the inspirational book that I have been slowly savoring for the past weeks. I sit now in the early spring sunshine, still wearing my ‘hoodie’


Good Men and the Great Work

“Humanity stands at a pivotal moment in our collective development with Earth and the global community. Described eloquently by the noted cultural historian and spiritual ecologist, Thomas Berry, the Great Work of our time is to re-envision humanity and carry out the urgent, essential transition from being the most destructive force on the planet to