Conscious Loving, encore

This week, gentle reader, a shortened reprise of an older post that I feel called to share once again.  My dear beekeeping mentor on Maui, a keenly spiritual man with a generous and sensitive heart, once said, “There is nothing like being reunited with the beloved.” So true. In the long stretch of years of


Learning to See the World

Through words, I am learning to see. Rainer Maria Rilke, who offered forth some of the greatest lyric poetry of the twentieth century, wrote humbly, “I am learning to see. I don’t know why it is, but everything penetrates more deeply into me and does not stop at the place where until now it always


Conscious Loving

The night air is rich with the heady scents of plumeria and puakenikeni outside our door, luring me sweetly to the dreamtime with intoxicating aromatherapy. How lovely to sleep in my own bed with my beloved. I’ve recently returned to Hawaii after three weeks in Carmel Valley, California, my longest stretch of time away from