Where The Elk Dream

I drive a short distance up into the western front of the crumpled, arid mountains that always feel like home. From the wide valley floor at seven thousand feet, the squat piñon and fragrant junipers slowly yield to tall ponderosa pines and shimmering aspens that crowd the higher elevations. There, overlooking the endless painted horizon of New


Rewilding the Heart: Finding Nature

I need to go find the deer, eat some wild weeds, and walk beside a singing river.  While tree blossoms burst open in profusion all around, scenting the air with honeyed sweetness, and the earth is overrun by lanky, bright flowers of yellow woodsorrel, I’ve been gradually constricting. Slowly, like a lengthening shadow, domesticity creeps up on me


Rewilding The Heart: The Coyotes of Taos

I wake in the night to the voices of coyotes yip yipping outside. The small casita where I am staying in Taos, New Mexico is silent and dark, a trickle of clouded moonlight seeping through the windows. In this moment the motorized whirl of the heater and the hum of the refrigerator compressor are both