Energetic Health, Part 3

It was my friend Paula’s gardens that saved me me. Just over a year ago, when we first moved to Oahu from ‘upcountry’ Maui, we lived in a house owned by a friend in a suburban neighborhood of Honolulu. From the beginning, I felt that something in the house


Grace of the Table, Part 2: Fresh and Sustainable

I keep returning to the kitchen table. As a French-trained cook that’s not much of a surprise, I realize. Almost every night of the week, I’m chopping up fresh ingredients for dinner, content in the process of assembling something delicious and nourishing to eat. And nearly every evening, my beloved and I sit down together


The Raw and the Cooked: Getting Fresh

I’m coming around again. In more ways than one. I’ve been struggling a bit with my recent transplant from ‘upcountry’ Maui to urban O’ahu, trying to adapt to city life after many years of living in rural, semi-wild places. In this transition period there are good days and not so good days for me. On