Restitching the Threads of Soul: Coming Home

I’ve been traveling too much lately, feeling unsettled. As we in the northern hemisphere draw near to the vernal equinox, when day and night are in equal measure and we commonly acknowledge that spring begins, it feels that my year has thus far been largely about movement and change. I have recently joked to a


Returning Home: Travel and the Gifts of the Return

It is good to be home. This is the thought of the man as he sweeps the carpet of cypress needles that have fallen on the deck and front walkway, the cornstalk broom in his hands rasping in a familiar voice as it brushes the ground rhythmically, leaving an ever widening clean wake where it


A Wandering Star: Searching for Home

Perhaps if I went by ‘Root’ rather than ‘River’ my life would be more stationary and settled. It’s doubtful. True to my name, I keep flowing onward. Life is movement, really. From a subatomic level to the molecular, from the constant firing of our nervous system to cellular respiration and life processes, from micro impulses