Finding Balance and Well-being: Unplugging at Dusk

I don’t generally buy magazines, but every now and then something interesting catches my eye. Standing in the checkout queue at Whole Foods Market, a cover feature on Paleo magazine (dedicated to the recently popular Paleo diet and lifestyle) drew my attention, “10 Ways To Limit Your EMF Exposure.” How curiously timely. I’ve been struggling


Hanging Out The Laundry

It happens every time that I hang out the laundry, I’m transported back to Europe. Yesterday I stepped outside to hang my shirts on the clothes line, feeling the cool tiles of the lanai under my bare feet and noting the squawk of feral chickens as they ran noisily for cover in the bushes. Beneath



A man sits in the dark window, bundled in a light grey jacket and a blue Parisian scarf wrapped around his neck. By the light of a lone beeswax taper that flickers nearby on the table, his unruly and uncombed hair shines silver though his face is that of a man in his forties. Awake