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Cookbooks and Lemons: A Taste of Morocco

For a once-professional chef, I don’t own a lot of ‘cookery’ books, as my dear British friends call them. A decade ago, I possessed a significantly larger number than I do now (books, that is, not friends, though as I think on it… hmm). As a cook and self-confessed bibliophile, well, it was a bit of


Copper and Clay: Cooking for the Soul

It is a thing of almost unutterable beauty. The elegantly curvaceous copper pot gleams in the light, looking decidedly Old World in both shape and craftsmanship. A gift from my beloved this Christmas, the hand-hammered couscoussier is one of those rare pieces that seamlessly melds form, function and beauty. I keep walking in to the


Tea with Nigel: A Cook Who Writes

A winter storm approaches and the sea is heaving and restless. Seated in the small dining alcove of my cozy writer’s studio, I gaze out at surging waves of liquid pewter, listening to their dull roar. Some seasonal piano music plays quietly in the background, creating a holiday mood while a large red poinsettia and


A Simple Supper: An Impromptu Risotto

I’m back in the kitchen. Mind you, l’espace cuisine in my little artist’s studio in coastal California is more like a sailboat’s galley. It’s decidedly a one-person space. The cooking alcove—which closes off behind folding wooden doors—does have a certain charm, and it feels very Old World to me. The impression is generated not only by


Quiet Acts of Generosity, Encore

It was on Twitter that I discovered the glitch of the unfinished journal being distributed. As I waited for the water to boil for my morning tea, I switched on my mini iPad to check email and touch in with social media. For a moment, I was utterly puzzled—I hadn’t “tweeted” or posted a Soul