Come Darkness, Come Light

In the predawn darkness I am awake, snuggled in a warm cocoon of blankets, hearing the small, insistent voice that tells me to get up and go outdoors to greet the dawn—or the darkness, on this longest night of the year. Rising from the bed and pulling on clothes, I nudge up the thermostat in


A New Year: Spiraling into Possibility

I’m not generally one for New Year’s parties or ringing in the new calendar year in a boisterous, social way. No, I would prefer to be peacefully at home (or pleasantly on holiday) and tucked into bed by the time midnight rolls around.   With my mate gone to a New Year’s party that I predictably


Spiraling Through Time: A New Kind of Calendar

A new year. Fresh beginnings. For many of us, the nascent year also includes a new calendar, whether a digital display on our mobile device or a paper one posted somewhere around the house or office. It all looks so neat and orderly and linear, those monthly arrangements of boxes representing days; seven in a