The Cook and the Mango Tree: Ordinary Blessings

I need to feel the earth under my bare feet. Just a few hours ago, I was hurtling across the blue Pacific, returning home to Hawaii, my partner, and a houseful of guests. Honestly, I’m feeling more than a little tired and ungrounded. Standing in the kitchen of our Kailua house, preparing dinner for the


Empty Houses, New Frontiers: Moving On

I should be used to this routine by now. The uprootedness of sorting, packing, cleaning, and empty houses, that is. As a wandering gypsy, I’m essentially an expert in relocating and starting over. The past week witnessed my farewell to the slopes of Haleakalā and my departure from dear Maui, my arrival on the heavily


A Maui Moon

I was just outside singing to the moon. A tattered patchwork quilt of silver clouds is thrown across the night sky, illuminated by a luminous pearl rising through the darkly woven lattice of trees. Strangely, for over a week now, I’ve had Joan Baez in my head, singing “The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress”.  It’s an