Threshold Dwellers: Living at the Edge

Sometimes I find it odd that I reside on a foggy coastline, given that in my bones I think of myself as an arid, Mediterranean creature. In my ongoing yearning and search for a place to put down roots, I often find myself musing on the high desert plateau of New Mexico, a sagebrush-strewn mesa where I


The Hummingbird of Devotion

This morning I lay in bed, my blurry eyes contemplating the soft, silver light illuminating the heavy flaxen draperies, and with an inhale I briefly gave my cells a positive word of thanks. Silently, I blessed myself saying, I welcome good things and possibility today. I embrace mysterious grace, and I am not separate from the


Eros, Landscape and Soul

The trees are calling me. Specifically, the wordless siren song emanates from the windswept cypress trees here on the central California coast. Graceful evergreens with a light green color and pale grey bark, they are often gnarled and shaped into living sculptures by the coastal winds. On my first adult visit to Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea