Coming Home: Wild Geese and A Poem in the Heart

In the cool morning air amid the coastal trees, the high desert of New Mexico seems a world away. I have returned from my personal retreat to dear Taos at the foot of the sacred mountain, and once again find myself at this small writer’s cottage I currently call home. Here at the edge of


Severance: Leaving My Shoes Along the Trail, Part 1

I admit to a conflicted relationship with Big Sur, the vast and sparsely inhabited coastal region immediately south of Carmel, California. It is a land of dramatic hillsides and cliffs meeting the sea, a narrow winding highway (often closed for rockslides, or un-navigable due to thick fog), and an untamed wilderness. As the rugged and raw


A Poem by Heart: A Soul Practice

Gazing out over the lush green ravine in the early light, barefoot on the earth, I repeated the poem aloud as a prayer, a new way to greet the morning. Back inside the house, I opened my blue notebook on the coffee table and quietly read the lines again. Noting that I had misspoken one