Reconsidering Success: Shadows and Light

In the darkened womb of the round, earthen chamber, its center altar lit by a lone white taper candle, I sat quietly on my mat. Outside, unseen by me but their energy omnipresent, the tall trees stood sentinel, whispering their stories and songs of the ages at the edge of a restless, dark sea.  I had driven north


Writing the Soul: An Ongoing Journey

It’s a fine feeling to finish writing a book.  There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment, of having succeeded at a daunting task like climbing a mountain. On the body level, one feels an openness of the heart, belly and breath, and if we have dared to tell the truth, there’s a resonance in the bones

© L.R. Heartsong

Cookbooks and Lemons: A Taste of Morocco

For a once-professional chef, I don’t own a lot of ‘cookery’ books, as my dear British friends call them. A decade ago, I possessed a significantly larger number than I do now (books, that is, not friends). As a cook and self-confessed bibliophile, well, it was a bit of a love affair in the larder.  In


A Winter Garden: Welcoming Grace

The hum of the twenty-year old refrigerator finally shuts off, the cottage goes blessedly silent, and I feel my body relax. In the quiet of a rainy morning, I hear only the irregular staccato cadence of water falling from eaves, boughs, and leaves, rain tapping on the kitchen skylight, and a murmur that one might


The Art of Slow Food: Duck à la Marlena

It was perhaps a bit extravagant. Certainly it brings new meaning to the term and culinary movement of “slow food.” Setting out to make a 9-day duck dish isn’t your everyday undertaking. It seems something fit for a holiday, and in our rushed and harried world, perhaps not even then. Overnight marks the upper limit