Singing the Pagan Moon: All Hallow’s Eve

Continuing with the season of reflection and looking back to older posts these past weeks, and in honor of the pagan sabbat of Samhain (Halloween), something from my England archives (2010): All Hallows Eve. It feels as if the entire day has been lifted from a spooky, storybook tale with ghostly trees draped in mist


A Kauai Morning: Finding the Soul of the World

It has been too long since I rose to greet the dawn. It began while living in England, my ritual of stepping outside to engage in a silent, brief meditation in the early morning light. A conscious communion with the fleeting moment that is no longer night but not yet day, a time of opposites


Living at the Threshold between Worlds

Evening has arrived early, padding stealthily down the mountain on soft cat’s paws. Though it is only afternoon, daylight fades beneath pale ribbons of cloud that wrap around this little cottage and weave beguilingly through the surrounding green lattice of leafy trees. Looking out through broad windows and sliding glass doors, my verdant world is