Tea with Nigel: A Cook Who Writes

A winter storm approaches and the sea is heaving and restless. Seated in the small dining alcove of my cozy writer’s studio, I gaze out at surging waves of liquid pewter, listening to their dull roar. Some seasonal piano music plays quietly in the background, creating a holiday mood while a large red poinsettia and


Hanging Out The Laundry

It happens every time that I hang out the laundry, I’m transported back to Europe. Yesterday I stepped outside to hang my shirts on the clothes line, feeling the cool tiles of the lanai under my bare feet and noting the squawk of feral chickens as they ran noisily for cover in the bushes. Beneath


Gratitude Practice: A Little Journal of Blessings

With a familiar, faint scratching sound to its gliding, the gold nib of my old fountain pen reached the bottom of the last page, a string of black ink letters and words in its wake. Seated on the floor, I closed the little book and set it on the white brick hearth next to the