Cooking a Goat

“What are we going to feed everyone?” The question hung in the air for several days at the home of my dear friends, Pete and Cristin, as we collectively considered the logistics of feeding twenty-odd people who would be arriving to assist in their community building project. Together we brainstormed for something that wouldn’t require


Quiet Acts of Generosity, Encore

It was on Twitter that I discovered the glitch of the unfinished journal being distributed. As I waited for the water to boil for my morning tea, I switched on my mini iPad to check email and touch in with social media. For a moment, I was utterly puzzled—I hadn’t “tweeted” or posted a Soul


Winter Solstice blessings

I sat with my morning cup of tea, listening to the sound of cooing doves and twittering birds through the open windows, as a pleasant breeze flirted though the house. Watching a vivid green Anole gecko slowly cross the inside of the lanai screen with his suction cup toes, warning him to watch out for