Meanwhile, Back In The Kitchen

The small, emerald padrón peppers available last week at the vendor’s stand are gone, so instead I scoop up two big handfuls of pale green, slightly wrinkled guandilla (guindilla) peppers and place them into a bag. I adore these slim, elongated chiles that in their immature green stage have a very mild pungency. They remind me


Writing for the Love of Food, Nature and Soul

Sometimes I think I should simply write about food. Forget this soul-based stuff, let’s just go back to the kitchen, shall we? Yes, I could easily keep adding to that Slow Food category of posts on my website. Cook that I am, the kitchen is where you’ll find me every single day, crafting something for


Tastes of Spring: A Trip to Farmer’s Market

The enticing aroma of ripe, fresh strawberries scents the air. It is a bright spring morning and I have walked from my writer’s cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea to the weekly farmer’s market. The gathering of vendors is a modest affair, perhaps a dozen tables, the market significantly smaller now that the City exiled it from the