Finding Balance and Well-being: Unplugging at Dusk

I don’t generally buy magazines, but every now and then something interesting catches my eye. Standing in the checkout queue at Whole Foods Market, a cover feature on Paleo magazine (dedicated to the recently popular Paleo diet and lifestyle) drew my attention, “10 Ways To Limit Your EMF Exposure.” How curiously timely. I’ve been struggling


A Pause to Reconnect: Barefoot on the Earth

Somewhere in the world it is summer. The local high school has recently celebrated graduation, and here in the Northern Hemisphere the summer solstice draws near. Yet as I sit on the wooden steps of the deck at my little writer’s cottage on the central California coast, fog swirls thickly through the trees, and the world


Energetic Health, Part 1

It was the chimes that woke me. Sleeping, I was deep in the Dreamtime and codes were being entered into my body. With each button pushed as part of the sequence, like dialing on a phone pad, a chime sounded. A sequence was being programmed into my bodymind, and the successive tones grew steadily louder,