The Price of Healing

To embrace your highest health and well being, what would you be willing to give up? A few weeks ago, in a post called “Pulling Weeds, Seeking Health,” I shared my electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) woes, as well as the beneficial, healing effect of being barefoot on the earth—especially in regards to the so-called “electromagnetic smog” (EMF’s,


Pulling Weeds, Seeking Health

There is a timeless metaphor in tending a garden and pulling weeds. I have spent several hours in the past weeks in the rear yard/garden of this small cottage, barefoot, tugging up handfuls of new grass and tartly tasting clover. With the abundance of recent rain, this stretch of central California coastline shimmers lush and green, and half


Energetic Health, Part 3

It was my friend Paula’s gardens that saved me me. Just over a year ago, when we first moved to Oahu from ‘upcountry’ Maui, we lived in a house owned by a friend in a suburban neighborhood of Honolulu. From the beginning, I felt that something in the house