A Poem by Heart: A Soul Practice

Gazing out over the lush green ravine in the early light, barefoot on the earth, I repeated the poem aloud as a prayer, a new way to greet the morning. Back inside the house, I opened my blue notebook on the coffee table and quietly read the lines again. Noting that I had misspoken one


A Mythopoetic Gathering of Men

Standing in the California redwoods, I couldn’t be farther from the French Riviera. A couple of days ago, I was in sunny Cannes on the Mediterranean, seated at a sidewalk café, sipping a glass of Provençal rosé while surrounded by tourists and a mélange of languages. Now I’m near Mendocino on the northern California coast,


Good Men and the Great Work

“Humanity stands at a pivotal moment in our collective development with Earth and the global community. Described eloquently by the noted cultural historian and spiritual ecologist, Thomas Berry, the Great Work of our time is to re-envision humanity and carry out the urgent, essential transition from being the most destructive force on the planet to