Blessing for a Wild Soul

“A Blessing for a Wild Soul” ~ As you depart the old life that has grown too small, heed your curious, beguiling allurements. (Take your passport, wallet, and dreams, leave the rest.) ~ May you loosen the shackles of shame and be willing to walk naked to the gods. ~ Understand that the derision, mockery


A Book in the Hand: An Author’s Journey

The book is in the world!” Those were my words in an email to my dear friend in England two weeks ago, when several boxes of The Bones and Breath arrived on the doorstep of my little artist’s studio, my personal stash shipped from the printer. I’m not generally a photo happy kind of guy


Dawn of the Soul: Excerpt from “The Bones and Breath”

“The old English farmhouse still feels unfamiliar in the dark, the creak of the floors a language different from others I have learned and since forgotten. Outside, the tranquil, green countryside of Kent stirs to its daily waking in a manner far different from the buzzing urban congestion of London. Rather than cars and the