Soul and Social Media: Further Evolution of a Twit

With a weary sigh, I closed my Macbook, pushed the upholstered chair back from the roll top desk, and sat for a moment in the dim light of the hushed living room. Outside the front windows, bright jewels of stars were scattered upon a black velvet sky, twinkling amid the dark outlines of trees. It was past my


The Things We Carry: The Weight of Choices

I don’t usually read email in the morning. Once I open my Inbox, invariably I will be drawn into it rather than greeting the day in a mindful, quiet, open manner. Even if what waits there is only a note from a friend, my attention and thoughts will then be off and running in a


After the Storm: The Gift of Losses

After twenty-four hours of hard rain, in the midst of a powerful and intriguing dream, the crash outside wakes me in the silence of the dark, predawn hours. It takes only a second for my sleepy brain to categorize the sound as a falling tree, though I am still disoriented enough that I cannot exactly