A Bunch of Dandelions: An Autumn Cleanse for Health

Life is a curious journey, especially if we’re paying attention.  It was All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween as we have come to call it. In the pagan calendar, along with Beltane, six months opposite on the calendar wheel, the veil between worlds is said to hang at its thinnest this night—an opportunity when spirits and


A Simple Supper: An Impromptu Risotto

I’m back in the kitchen. Mind you, l’espace cuisine in my little artist’s studio in coastal California is more like a sailboat’s galley. It’s decidedly a one-person space. The cooking alcove—which closes off behind folding wooden doors—does have a certain charm, and it feels very Old World to me. The impression is generated not only by


The Raw and the Cooked: Getting Fresh

I’m coming around again. In more ways than one. I’ve been struggling a bit with my recent transplant from ‘upcountry’ Maui to urban O’ahu, trying to adapt to city life after many years of living in rural, semi-wild places. In this transition period there are good days and not so good days for me. On