Changing Seasons: Feeling the Touch of the World

I wonder sometimes if I am simply dreaming this life, or whether I am being dreamed, instead.  In the past weeks, England has been heavily in my mind. At unexpected moments throughout the day — washing and cutting vegetables, walking the dogs, taking a shower — I suddenly see myself there, back in places familiar


The Scent of Green Chile: A Cook’s Passion

The chiles are here. So proclaims the large sign out front of Whole Foods Market in Monterey, California, near a table piled high with oblong green peppers from Hatch, New Mexico. On a late August afternoon, my thoughts had been elsewhere until this moment, turning over some detail or matter at hand as I crossed


Lessons from A Stone Fruit: Each Thing in its Own Time

It began with a fragrant nectarine a week ago, a curious longing for change. Being summer in the northern hemisphere, the produce section of our local Whole Foods Market boasts impressive, pyramid displays of picture perfect peaches, cherries, grapes, nectarines and plums. Such lovely abundance, these seasonal delights, yet living in Hawai‛i I seldom buy