Reconsidering Success: Shadows and Light

In the darkened womb of the round, earthen chamber, its center altar lit by a lone white taper candle, I sat quietly on my mat. Outside, unseen by me but their energy omnipresent, the tall trees stood sentinel, whispering stories and songs of the ages at the edge of a restless, dark sea.  I had driven north to


The Work That Endures: In Praise of Artisans

In the early morning of dawn, I’m sitting with my tea. Seated by the window, I hear the birds outside begin to twitter but the house is still silent, the dogs tucked under their blanket and curled up asleep on the sofa. In my usual style I am welcoming the new day quietly with a


Art and Soul: A Wellspring of Creativity

Last night at the dinner table, my partner was speaking about some French associates who had submitted their short movie to the Hawaii International Film Festival. With only 200 films chosen out of more than 1400 submissions, their film was not accepted, and my beloved was expounding upon the difficult process of having to reject