About the Journal

About the Journal

We all need inspiration on our journey. Since the summer of 2012, the Soul Artist Journal explored the art of living a meaningful, connected existence that cultivates a sense of well being. Though the posts were diverse, the underlying theme was, how do we nourish the soul?

What does it mean to be a Soul Artist? The SAJ articles offered reflections on those little, ordinary human moments of the day: a cup of tea, a fading flower in the garden, puttering in the kitchen, a stroll through the neighborhood or along a wild riverbank. In differing ways, each entry extolled the importance of opening our senses and heart to the living field of intelligence in which we are continually steeped. How does the moment feel? What is on our plate to share? How can we nurture and befriend the body as ecstatic resource for a life of vitality and well-being? What is ours to bring to this multidimensional relationship—with place, humans, earth’s denizens, and planet? What is the Deep Imagination? And how do we heal and evolve?

The Journal traveled its own spiral and arc, varying in length and tone over the years. Yet it always sought to illuminate conscious living and embodiment, gratitude, creativity, personal authenticity and transformation, seasonal food, natural beauty, and a sensual connection with nature and earth.

In short, these writings celebrate a life for the senses… and the ordinary sacred.

Perhaps pour yourself a cup of something and then sit somewhere comfortable and quiet. Inhale a couple of deep breaths, sweeping aside the noisy voices and demands of the day—if only for now—and take a little journey for your soul.

Welcome, traveler.

❧ ❧ ❧