L. R. Heartsong

L.R. Heartsong

L.R. Heartsong is a healer who writes. For more than two decades he has deeply studied and practiced bodywork and the healing arts, both as a therapist and an instructor; he is also a holistic aromatherapist, an Ayurvedic educator, trained in somatic psychology, and a certified Watsu practitioner. As a guide for nature-based soul work, he teaches an embodied, sensual connection with life, Earth, and the soul of the world.

The Bones and BreathA dynamic speaker and teacher, he is the author of The Bones and Breath: A Man’s Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul  and the newly released, To Kneel and Kiss the Earth: Inspiration from the Soul Artist Journal. His interviews include the award-winning Conversations Radio with Michael Stone (arewelistening.net), who speaks with thought leaders and social visionaries in areas of environmental restoration, evolutionary cosmology, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment. He has also been a featured presenter in multiple, global online symposiums featuring change-making influencers (scientists, shamans, mystics, psychologists, healers, and more) offering their insight, guidance, and personal expertise, all stitching us to a deeper connection with self, healing, and the ‘more-than-human’ world.

River is also a Paris-trained cook (formerly a private chef for the rich and famous), a backyard beekeeper, and a novice weaver who uses a Navajo loom and hand-dyed yarns from an heirloom sheep breed. West Coast native turned nomad, he has resided in France, England, and Spain; he has recently relocated to Central Oregon.

As of January 2017, after four and a half years of weekly posts, River has closed the cover on the Soul Artist Journal. Discover his new column and website: TendingSacred

Alongside an online course, River is working on a soulful memoir about this reluctant mystic living in the English countryside with his longterm partner; a story that celebrates nature, healing, and good food, along with a bit of Old World magic.

Visit the primary website for all facets of L.R. Heartsong’s work (including media and interviews): www.soulquests.com


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