L.R. Heartsong

L.R. Heartsong

L.R. Heartsong is “a healer who writes.” For more than twenty-five years, in a variety of modalities—integrative bodywork, somatic psychotherapy and trauma resolution, healing cuisine, soul-based coaching, shamanic work, energy & plant medicine—as well as men’s groups, workshops, and sacred ceremonies, he has helped others discover their authentic path of heart, wild soul, and deepest transformation. He teaches an embodied, healing connection with life, nature, and the Soul of the World.

A dynamic speaker and teacher, he is the award-winning author of The Bones and Breath: A Man’s Guide to Eros, the Sacred Masculine, and the Wild Soul (2018 Nautilus winner, Personal Growth and Self-Help), and To Kneel and Kiss the Earth: Inspiration from the Soul Artist Journal. Heartsong has been a featured presenter in multiple podcasts and global online symposiums featuring change-making influencers (scientists, shamans, mystics, psychologists, healers, and more), all stitching us to a deeper connection with self, healing, and the ‘more-than-human’ world. 


In January 2017, after four and a half years of weekly offerings (more than two hundred and twenty five posts), River closed the cover on the Soul Artist Journal, and launched TendingSacredmonthly explorations of a healer’s journey.

Following the launch of Embodied Soul Podcast, River unveiled his newest offering: the EvolutionaryBodySoul 10-week signature program. The culmination of two and a half decades as a healer, and sharing the very tools he used to regenerate from a health crisis in 2016, this utterly unique synthesis focuses upon healthy cuisine and detoxification, the human biofield, cellular transformation, and deep soul work to support getting ‘clear’—to fully embody one’s soul purpose in the world. The companion book arrives in autumn 2019.

Visit the primary website for all facets of L.R. Heartsong’s work (including media and interviews): soulquests.com