Monthly Archives: November 2015

A Bowl of Quinces, A Feast of Gratitude

They look something like small, golden apples with a whisper-thin coat of fuzz. On the table by the windows, the bowl of homely little fruits is so fragrant that I can smell their perfume three feet away where I sit with my morning tea. At Thanksgiving dinner, they were placed attractively on weathered sycamore leaves


A Heart Open to the World: Finding Beauty

The autumn morning shimmers bright and blue, warm enough that I don’t need the light jacket or linen scarf that I set out with. Seated on an old wooden bench, its contours and surface worn grey from years of exposure to the coastal elements, I am a creature contentedly bathing in sunlight and an ocean

man at sunset

Kneel and Kiss the Earth: One Man’s Prayer

The sea is rumbling and agitated. Even a half mile away in a quiet neighborhood dense with evergreen trees, I hear its low voice, timeless and primordial, louder than normal. I have been feeling restless, myself, and burdened by carrying a basket of grumbles that I wish I could lay aside. What I need is to sit


A Bunch of Dandelions: An Autumn Cleanse for Health

Life is a curious journey, especially if we’re paying attention.  It was All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween as we have come to call it. In the pagan calendar, along with Beltane, six months opposite on the calendar wheel, the veil between worlds is said to hang at its thinnest this night—an opportunity when spirits and