Energetic Health, Part 2

[This is the second post of a 3-part series.]

It was a stretch for some people, I guess. 

On my MailChimp report, I noted a couple of ‘unsubscribes’ after last week’s post, “Energetic Health, Part 1,” which surprised me slightly but not overly much. They were new readers and I guess the posting just didn’t suit their tastes. You might recall that I acknowledged I was stepping a bit “out there” in such a post, talking about the invisibles of energetics. On the flip side, two readers wrote me beautiful notes saying how much they loved the post. You win some, you lose some.

These days I’m ever less inclined to censor myself just so that others will feel comfortable, or to stay in safe territory. For one who coaches about authenticity, it would be a contradiction to curtail myself in that fashion––inauthentic, at the very least.

hefStill, when dealing with such things as the energetic field, it’s a tricky path. Though really we’re talking about simple physics, because the studies have not been well documented or made their way into mainstream science or culture, the human biofield can seem a bit New Age, ‘woo-woo’, or airy-fairy. For most people, with such a topic, we’re still dancing on the fringe.

Perception is limited. We can never see the full measure of a thing, at most we glimpse a partial aspect of it. Consider that most of us think of our bodies as solid matter when, in fact, on the material level we are mostly fluid. Our tissues themselves are more liquid than static, and everything is in a continual state of motion––waves, spirals, vortices, and pulses. Simply looking into a microscope demonstrates this to be true, and the further we go down in size, the more movement there is. Movement is life, and the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. If we perceive our body in such a limited fashion, is it any wonder that the realms of energetics are even more challenging to conceptualize and accept?

I said last week that the larger question, What is health, warrants a fuller discussion, one that I’m going to disregard for now, and I’m still holding to that. However, I want to point out that with the singular focus on symptomology, Western medicine and science have seriously narrowed our view of health. The general operating motto is that if we are free of symptoms, we are healthy. Friend, there is far more to true health than merely an absence of symptoms. Allopathic medicine can be highly effective in treating physical ailments, pathogens, and ‘problems’, but it essentially ignores the cause of imbalance. Somewhere in our body mind, an underlying issue––metabolic, emotional, somatic, energetic––is causing dis-ease. If health is simply a case of resisting germs, bacteria and pathogens, why then, when exposed to the same source of contagion, do some get sick but others do not?

The standard Western approach is narrowly confined to a pill, scalpel, or laser beam. Similarly, there is a current fixation on genes and genetic markers, as if we are simply slaves to our genetic material––despite fascinating experiments by several bold researchers that show we are not, and that our genes are far more adaptive, indeed creative, than most scientists believe. The tempting premise of the genetic view is that if we decode the human puzzle, we (or at least the scientists) will have the answers to solving and preventing disease. Pathogens and genetic markers are not the sum of the equation, however; at most these are only factors in the complex string of variables.

In the West and modern world, we tend to have a very difficult time with the invisible or what cannot be conclusively proven through scientific experiment. In nature, the invisible connections between elements and living beings form the true health of the system. These relationships are pure interwoven intelligence and energy. They are essential. If scientific method is discovering that light and sound form the very core of our DNA––as it is doing through the work of Nobel laureate researchers (stay tuned for a future post)––then perhaps it doesn’t seem so far fetched to consider the ideas and structures of energetic anatomy, such as chakras, meridians, and the ‘energetic bodies’ (mental, emotional, astral, etc.) that surround our dense physical matrix. We are essentially an electromagnetic field that interacts with all the combined electromagnetic fields of life and the elements of the planet. Even the earth, itself.

More than merely a frequency, vibration, and sound, our energy field is a template for life. It holds all our thoughts and emotions, our positive and negative experiences, and reflects both our physical and mental conditions. The optimal ideal is that this field––with its chakras, meridians, and subtle layers––is open and unobstructed in a seamless, harmonious exchange with the vast electromagnetic field of life, the suprasomatic sentience (a descriptor I’ve coined) in which we are submerged, steeped, and interpenetrated.

polarityfig1Many healers, along with a growing number of scientists, believe that the causes of our dis-ease, illness, or imbalances actually originate in the subtle energetic pathways and bodies, in the places where our rhythms, frequencies, energy and ‘flow’ have become disharmonious, incoherent, or blocked. Our inner dialogue and patterns of constriction are present in this field, and it is not such a far jump from there to the field of psychoneuroimmunology. And though it’s a paradigm shift for most, our health actually starts with the integrity of our electromagnetic field, not the denser material body itself.

As I outlined briefly last week, disruptions in our physical environment directly affect the human biofield. In the matrix that surrounds us––the air we breathe, the atmosphere, and the earth’s electromagnetic field––we are now subjected to all sorts of invisible pollution, both chemical and electromagnetic. Ozone holes and nuclear radiation spills do not help. Our health as a species cannot be separated from our surroundings, for we exist only in relationship. What is external is also internal; we reflect our environment because we embody our environment. It is a simple enough equation: a polluted environment (which includes our own houses and buildings) results in sick people.

Undoubtedly there is more to the puzzle of dis-ease than merely the factors of modern stress, disruption of natural rhythms, electromagnetic disturbance, exposure to pollutants and chemicals, lack of true nourishment, and a severance from nature. Most people are despairingly disconnected from themselves in body and soul. The majority of us live in ways that are deeply divided––overstimulated in our senses and nervous system while rigidly contained on the physioenergetic level––a manner that does not promote health or well being. We are out of synch and out of tune, living in an ever increasingly toxic environment.

Body and soul cannot be separated (at least not in this lifetime), and we are walking bundles of trauma, emotional wounds, and restrictive patterns––all of which play out in our tissues and systems. And underneath everything, the soul has its own mysterious agenda for our awakening and purpose in life. Issues in our health may be the crisis that propels us forward rather than remaining mired and sick in our familiar containment, and we may find ourselves ushered onto an unexpected journey of transformation.

You knew I was going to bring soul in here somewhere, didn’t you?

Let’s get back to the human biofield. As I shared in Part 1, our electromagnetic technologies are interfering with our health on an energetic level. And I wrote, “On an energetic level, health is a state of high cellular vibration and entrainment to natural health rhythms as found in nature.”

Partly because of its somewhat intangible nature, and because most of the scientific effort and funding goes to molecular biology, only a small number of scientists are working to understand the human energy field. Magnetic field measurements of the heart and brain have been discovered and measured (using magnetocardiogram (MCG) and magnetoencephalaogram (MEG) devices, respectively); particularly notable and interesting are the studies from the HeartMath Institute. (Highly recommended, The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin.) The magnetic biofield of the body is a very low level field, however, and requires using highly specialized equipment, such as the super-conducting quantum interference devices (SQUID) that are expensive and few.

Partly the study of the our subtle electrical fields is difficult because, while they can be measured, the results tend to vary widely and are challenging to replicate––understandable when we consider the myriad of factors affecting the human field, from drinking (or even holding) a cup of coffee, to talking on a mobile phone, or standing near an electrical outlet. Deciphering the role of the somewhat nebulous biofield is more challenging than with more obvious phenomena, thus most of the funding and interest remains elsewhere. While several devices besides the SQUID have been created which measure aspects of the field, this aspect of research is still in its nascency, with poor funding, no consistent government sponsorship, and being developed by a small number of people working mostly in isolation.

Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Using the SQUID, independent studies at Eastern State University in Washington state, John Hopkins University, and New York State University have generated electromagnetic frequency measurements for the human field and brain. The brain’s field measures higher in frequency than the body’s field. Studying groups of young, healthy adults, the average brain function was found to generally be 72-90 MHz, while the overall measurement for the body was 62-68 MHz.

A very interesting side note to these studies was the factor of illness: in every case where someone’s field was measured who was ill, their biofield measurement was significantly lower than the typically ‘healthy’, higher frequency. (Cancer was registered as having the lowest frequency of all or, switching the view, only present in those with a frequency near 42 MHz.) In this emerging field of ‘vibrational medicine’, the current theory is that every disease has an electromagnetic frequency associated with it; a sustained field (such as the human body) which has a significantly higher frequency will ‘cancel out’ diseases of lower frequencies. Furthermore, specific substances which have been measured and shown to have a very high ‘vibration’ or molecular frequency––such as pure essential oils, live food and fresh juices, herbs––help raise the body’s frequency to where the lower vibration either cannot manifest or be maintained.

Talk about a paradigm shift.

Gentle reader, I’ve prattled on far too long this week and I hope you’ll forgive. It’s a massive topic and yet we’ve only just scratched the surface. However, now that we’ve laid the groundwork (or at least a basic structure and outline), next week in Part 3 we will discover how, even though the torus of the human field fluctuates in response to a huge number of factors, we can take action to stabilize, restore, and maintain the integrity of our biofield… and thus move closer to health.

In the meantime, for those who just can’t wait, here’s an easy step and an advance start (with further explanation and details to follow next week): go outside and stand barefoot on the earth for 30 minutes. NO shoes. You may be amazed at the difference you feel in your body.


[This is the second post of a 3-part series. The third installment, “Energetic Health, Part 3,” follows next week.]