Energetic Health, Part 1

It was the chimes that woke me.

Sleeping, I was deep in the Dreamtime and codes were being entered into my body. With each button pushed as part of the sequence, like dialing on a phone pad, a chime sounded. A sequence was being programmed into my bodymind, and the successive tones grew steadily louder, waking me just as a chiming clock would do.

Slowly I emerged from the dream, distinctly hearing a bell-like tone somewhere down the hall of my darkened house. Still immersed in the Otherworld realm, my blurry mind struggled to determine which world was real and what the chime might be. It was not the doorbell, because two English Whippets slept sprawled out and undisturbed next to me. If there was something or someone at the door or a window, they would have heard and gone racing to investigate.

It’s not the house alarm, I decided groggily (when the house alarm goes off, it’s a full sonic assault and the entire neighborhood hears it). Perhaps someone is turning off the alarm at the keypad in the hallway––but no, the sound was wrong for that. My semiconscious mind thrashed about in dark, murky water, struggling to the surface as the dream’s narrative, its sequence of codes, and the programmer––who was it?––all faded into the depths. One further set of chimes sounded.

Alone in the quiet house, my partner still in Asia and my family not yet arrived for their visit, I was now awake. For a moment I lay there in bed, listening for further chimes. Nothing.

I turned over, reached for the small battery-operated travel clock on the bedside stand, pulled it toward me, and squinted with mole-like eyes to read the glowing blue display. It was two in the morning.

I rolled back onto my feather pillow and stared up at the darkened ceiling, when suddenly my mind was flooded with information and a series of images––a ‘download’, I call it––regarding the body’s energy field. Specifically, the shape of it and how it is recharged (or not), and the ways we can assist that process in the modern, disconnected world, as well as some of the key energetics of healing.

I lay there silently with the sleeping dogs at my feet, absorbing the information and images. It was not new information for me, but it was cohesive in a different way and very clear. Packaged, if you will. A concise directive––for myself and to share with others.

Honestly, I can’t recall how many times this has happened over the years, receiving a signal to wake me (or call my attention when it has wandered elsewhere)––a clap of thunder that no one else hears, lightning that no one sees, a knock on the window from an invisible hand, a series of chimes, etc.––and then I suddenly receive one of these downloads of information. It often occurs just after midnight, or at two or three in the morning. If I roll over to look at the clock, it’s not unusual for it to be 2:22 or 3:33.

It seems that the Otherworld really wants my attention; enough to warrant that I am awakened and the information isn’t lost amid the cryptic messages and curious journeys in the Dreamtime. Usually these downloads concern healing on the physical or energetic level, though sometimes they illuminate another aspect of the soul’s evolutionary journey.


I may be stepping a bit ‘out there’ in sharing this, gentle reader, but I have decided to make this week’s post the first of three regarding the energetics of health, and the relationship between the body’s vitality and the soul.

Actually, it’s not the first time I’ve written about this. As I have shared in earlier posts, my forthcoming book is only half of the original manuscript that I wrote––a broad scope manifesto for a soul-centered life. For better or worse, the chapters on health and wellbeing as a path of practice––“The Elemental Way” and also “The Soul of Healing”––have been placed in the follow-up work. However, throughout the pages of The Bones and Breath, which is deeply concerned with ’embodiment’––inhabiting the bodymind in a conscious way––I make it very clear that body and soul are deeply interwoven. It’s a view that emerges from my twenty-plus years in the healing arts, as well as from my own journey into the realms of soul, healing, and wholeness.

Really the questions, What is health? and What is the soul’s role in that? warrant a full discussion––or a book––in themselves, but for the purpose of this post I am going to disregard that larger conversation (for now) and simply offer some basic information about ‘energetics’.

Beyond its physical form, the human body is electromagnetic: it generates a subtle charge not only by the frequency of molecules moving but also by the pulsing wavelengths of the heart, and blood moving in a spiraling vortex pattern throughout the cardiovascular system. And whether you wish to consider it our most basic level or our highest, we are essentially ‘energy’. Energy is the invisible bond that holds our molecular (and all) structures together; it is the measure of that which passes from one atom to another in the course of their transformations, increasing or diminishing them; and a unifying force and expression of structure. From the aspect of energy, our structures are themselves reservoirs of energy.

torus03The overall shape of the body’s electrical field is called a torus––a central axis with a vortex at both ends, sort of like a doughnut. A very stable and effective configuration of energy, the torus is common in hydrodynamics and is found throughout nature and the cosmos. torus03Even planets have a magnetic field in the shape of a torus. As an energetic structure it bends back along its contours and reenters itself; it “inside-outs”––continually flowing back, refreshing and regenerating the field. It is primarily magnetic; the ‘field lines’ emerge out of the magnetic north pole and reenter the magnetic south pole. In the human body, its form is maintained by the continuous movement of electromagnetic life energy or prana (or chi, ki, mana, etc.); it generates the field which is often known as the aura. Although the torus shape of the human field has a boundary, it is placed within the larger electromagnetic field of the earth, and is affected to varying degrees by all the other fields it encounters.

Nowadays, in addition to the alternating current in our homes and workplaces, our bodies’ electromagnetic fields are constantly bombarded with radio waves, mobile phone signals, EMF’s (electromagnetic fields), ELF’s (extremely low frequencies) and WiFi, while there is mounting scientific evidence that the effect of these technologies is NOT harmless or benign. Exposure to alternating and direct current (AC/DC), which essentially powers the modern lifestyle, is incompatible and disruptive to the body’s energetic field. It demonstrably lowers the immune system in laboratory animals and humans, along with causing significant changes in white blood cell and red blood cell counts, increased blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. Notable studies by the Swedish and Russian governments have found significantly higher rates of cancer and leukemia where people live in close proximity to high-voltage power lines.

A combined, collective, manmade electromagnetic disruption is now prevalent throughout Europe, America, significant parts of Asia, and much of the modern world. There can be little doubt that these currents and frequencies place a stress and disruption upon our bodies’ innate electromagnetic field and patterns. Worries about cell phone radiation aside, hold a mobile phone next to your ear for a conversation and then feel what happens inside your ear and head: a sense of heat, discomfort, ringing, or even a headache. Gentle reader, these are not signs of a harmless technology.

The current from a 120volt electrical outlet can be measured several feet away. Many of us sleep with our heads near a wall, often within a foot of where an outlet connects an electric clock, bedside lamp or radio. Even when not switched on, the current still flows from the socket through the cord to the appliance, and the alternating current is acting upon the body’s field as we sleep for several hours each night. Computers, mobile phones, televisions, and microwave ovens all have a similar effect on the body. With the exception of computers, at which many of us work all day, our close exposure to other electrical fields tends to be for shorter periods of time than when we sleep. Yet as mobile coverage expands and WiFi proliferates, we are being permeated nearly everywhere, especially in urban zones––and now even on airplanes.

If you are sensitive to this electromagnetic energy, or have a highly tuned perception of your body’s own field (as some people do, especially healers), you can actually feel the disruption in your body from high powered devices or WiFi: a buzzy sort of vibration or interference that, if it continues long enough, creates a low level nausea (and often other symptoms, as well) and nerve discomfort.

On an energetic level, health is a state of high cellular vibration and entrainment to natural health rhythms as found in nature. (More about this in next week’s post.) Even for those who embrace a healthy lifestyle, our wellbeing is now undermined by poisons and disruptions to the environmental and energetic template, against which we have little defense. It’s a grave situation and one of growing concern. However, as I will share in the next two posts, there are things we can do to maintain and restore our energetic––and thus physical––health. Ways we can thrive, even.

We must understand that true health is more than merely the absence of symptoms; it is a state of balance, strength, resiliency and adaptability, ease, lightness, grace and joy. It feels expansive in the bodymind. Health is also a sense of gratitude and connection, both to self and the interrelatedness of life. Soul Artists realize and embrace that in our modern world, health requires conscious choices. Vigilance and discipline, too.

The question I ask each week in this post, whether stated openly or woven between the lines, is how do we nourish the soul? Gentle reader, we can start by tending to the body. Here’s hoping that you will be inspired to assume full accountability for your health and wellbeing, to make choices and take action that moves you deeper into the mysterious realms of healing––knowing that whether you dance along sunlit paths or tread in the shadows of ill-health or disease, your evolutionary journey continues.


[This is the first of a 3-part series. The second installment, “Energetic Health, Part 2,” follows next week.]