Monthly Archives: April 2014

Eros, Landscape and Soul

The trees are calling me. Specifically, the wordless siren song emanates from the windswept cypress trees here on the central California coast. Graceful evergreens with a light green color and pale grey bark, they are often gnarled and shaped into living sculptures by the coastal winds. On my first adult visit to Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea


Gratitude Practice: A Little Journal of Blessings

With a familiar, faint scratching sound to its gliding, the gold nib of my old fountain pen reached the bottom of the last page, a string of black ink letters and words in its wake. Seated on the floor, I closed the little book and set it on the white brick hearth next to the


Conscious Loving

The night air is rich with the heady scents of plumeria and puakenikeni outside our door, luring me sweetly to the dreamtime with intoxicating aromatherapy. How lovely to sleep in my own bed with my beloved. I’ve recently returned to Hawaii after three weeks in Carmel Valley, California, my longest stretch of time away from