Monthly Archives: December 2013

Winter Solstice blessings

I sat with my morning cup of tea, listening to the sound of cooing doves and twittering birds through the open windows, as a pleasant breeze flirted though the house. Watching a vivid green Anole gecko slowly cross the inside of the lanai screen with his suction cup toes, warning him to watch out for


Deck the Halls

Words, words, words, and more words. I’ve spent nearly every day in the past two weeks working between seven and ten hours on editing the manuscript—crossing out sentences and penning new ones, combing through and detangling, smoothing and polishing. The final draft is due to my publisher at the end of the month. At the


The Fire Alarm and Greeting the Dawn

It was the fire alarm that woke me. In the predawn darkness, the loud electronic siren in the house roused me instantly from deep dreaming. Confused, I thought it was the newly installed burglar alarm (there have been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood). My beloved is away in Florida and I am alone