Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Soup for the Soul: Une Soupe des Poissons

Standing outside at the Honolulu airport in the moist, warm night air, my body felt utterly exhausted. Arriving back at home, I promptly fell into bed, worn out from a long day of travel—too many planes and airports, and hurtling through the atmosphere for too many hours. Convenient and speedy as it is, I don’t


Lessons from A Stone Fruit: Each Thing in its Own Time

It began with a fragrant nectarine a week ago, a curious longing for change. Being summer in the northern hemisphere, the produce section of our local Whole Foods Market boasts impressive, pyramid displays of picture perfect peaches, cherries, grapes, nectarines and plums. Such lovely abundance, these seasonal delights, yet living in Hawai‛i I seldom buy