Monthly Archives: July 2013

A Kauai Morning: Finding the Soul of the World

It has been too long since I rose to greet the dawn. It began while living in England, my ritual of stepping outside to engage in a silent, brief meditation in the early morning light. A conscious communion with the fleeting moment that is no longer night but not yet day, a time of opposites


Farm to Table, Hawaii-style

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an exquisite setting for a meal must be worth a thousand bites. While our recent meal on the North Shore of O’ahu didn’t consist of that many forkfuls of food, each one was flavorsome and delicious—framed by a stunning backdrop of the jagged Waialae Mountains, bordered at


The Soulful Kitchen, Part 2: Sacred Space

When the intensity of summer sunlight begins to wane in the late afternoon, I raise the blinds that lessen the greenhouse effect from the many windows on the upper, main floor of this house. It’s then that you will find me in the kitchen, contemplating what might come together in my hands for supper. If