Monthly Archives: December 2012

Seeking Inspiration: A New Year Blessing

It’s late afternoon and the doors are open to the sunny day here on the mountain. Through the open portals, I can hear a soft breeze rustling through the trees that surround our cottage, the sighing voice punctuated now and again by the electric squawk of a male pheasant. He’s in the open field just


Christmas, à la Hawaii

Santa is wearing shorts, sunglasses, and carrying his surfboard. It’s an odd sight at first, but that’s Christmas in Hawaii. At least, the standard local version. I routinely flipflop over whether or not I like Christmas here in the islands. On one hand, sitting on the beach and enjoying a warm, sunny day is entirely


The Grace of the Table: A Way to Reconnect

After a couple of back to back trips to neighbor islands for bits of business and social calls, I’m home on ‘the Mountain’, as I call it, nestled comfortably into the tranquility of our little sanctuary on the high slopes of Haleakalā on Maui. I had a brief hop over to O’ahu, ‘The Gathering Place’;