Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Hopi Elders’ Statement

A few years ago, while living in New Mexico, I discovered an inspirational piece of writing created by the Elders of the Hopi independent nation. I kept it pinned above my desk for a very long time until I finally shuffled it around to make room for something new, but have always kept it close


The Soul of Thanksgiving: A Simple Celebration

I’ll skip the turkey, thanks. There is much that I loved about living in Europe (which I’ve done a couple of times and in three different countries), probably too many things to list. On the flip side, there were a few things that I missed about America, but the list was pretty short. On that


Cutting Words: The Challenge of Dividing a Manuscript

Cut it in half. That’s essentially what the New York agent said upon reviewing my current manuscript, “Eros and the Sacred Masculine.” After two years of writing and another year of editing, this wasn’t exactly the news I wanted to hear. Her professional opinion is that a large book will be a difficult sell because