Monthly Archives: September 2012

Art and Soul: A Wellspring of Creativity

Last night at the dinner table, my partner was speaking about some French associates who had submitted their short movie to the Hawaii International Film Festival. With only 200 films chosen out of more than 1400 submissions, their film was not accepted, and my beloved was expounding upon the difficult process of having to reject


A Soul Artist Wedding: Buffalo Included

It was dark last night when the aircraft descended towards Maui, and suddenly I could see the lights twinkling below me like jewels on black velvet as we circled over the broad valley of the island and came in for a landing. I was away at a remarkable wedding in Utah, on an arid island


Walking the Dogs: Embracing Willingness

True confession: I don’t really enjoy walking my dogs. They’re two male, English Whippets that joined our family as puppies whilst we were living abroad. These gorgeous brothers from the same litter are very sweet boys; a little naughty (a lot, actually) at times but terribly affectionate and loving. Being part of the Greyhound family